Recent updates (latest: bugfixes)

There's a lot to update for Baldur's Gate 3! Here's a quick overview:

Recently added (recent first):

  • (Oct 24) Fix crash on Bard lvl 10 (thanks for letting me know!), and a few more bugfixes
  • (Oct 24) Add Bard-1 skill selection

  • (Oct 23) More skill updates, including Bard level 10 choice.
  • (Oct 23) PSA for Polearm Master feat
  • (Oct 7) 🏋️ Skills! Listed above classes. Added by various races, class upgrades, etc. (More skill-adding upgrades are WIP)

  • (Sep 27) Add more items

  • (Sep 23) Add/update more items
  • (Sep 23) Add missing Feat (Performer)
  • (Sep 23) Fix Champion lvl 7 stuff listed as lvl 6.

  • (Sep 22) Add more items
  • (Sep 22) Show more info about classes when picking them

  • (Sep 18) A few smaller fixes

  • (Sep 17) Add a button to reset the character
  • (Sep 17) Automatically update the URL when character changes. Share/copy button now instantly copies the link.
  • (Sep 17) Various small fixes and updates
  • (Sep 17) Fix some elements sometimes clashing with tooltips' positions on mobile

  • (Sep 16) Many, many more items and bonuses, from all Acts of the released game!
  • (Sep 16) Various GUI fixes and improvements

  • (Sep 9) Fix various reported issues. (Sorry, this week has been a difficult one; probably more and more interesting updates next week!)
  • (Sep 4) Fix level down / class removal not clearing the level's Feats, ASIs, other choices, and any Ability boosts therein (thanks for reporting these!)
  • (Sep 2) ⛪ Clerics! (All levels and subclasses) (All classes updated with all levels and subclasses now! ✨)
  • (Sep 2) 🐻 Druids! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 31) Fix "Resilient" Feat not affecting Ability scores table
  • (Aug 31) Add two missing Feats (Bard and Sorcerer type "Magic Initiate")
  • (Aug 27) 🧙 Wizards! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 28) Fix some missing labels and descriptions for some Races (and a few other, smaller bugs).
  • (Aug 28) Fix missing feats at lvl 8 and 12 for Barbarians! (Thanks for reporting this bug!)
  • (Aug 27) 🪓 Barbarians! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 26) 👊 Monks! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 26) Disable already-selected Feats/Fighting Style/Favored Enemy/etc, except for those few that are repeatable
  • (Aug 25) Update all (sub)races!
  • (Aug 24) Feats! (Now includes all the new ones, and lists them alphabetically)
  • (Aug 23) 🤘 Warlocks! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 23) Make Feats with +1 apply to Ability table (note that Feats are still only the Early Access ones – but of course the rest will be added too)
  • (Aug 22) Fix Rangers' Natural Explorer and Favored Enemy at lvl 6 and 10 always becoming the one from lvl 1
  • (Aug 20) 🏹 Rangers! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 20) Spoiler warning by item selector button (thanks for this suggestion!)
  • (Aug 18) Fix inconsistent ft/m in ranges, show both "ft" and "m" units
  • (Aug 18) More informative tooltips
  • (Aug 17) Fix Fighters missing Feats at lvl 8 & 12
  • (Aug 16) ⚔️ Fighters! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 14) Fixed Assassins' stuff being listed as Thief stuff in the overview. (Thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 13) 🫥 Rogues! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 12) Fix bug in reading shared character links when character had a class above lvl 10 (thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 11) Fix bug making lvl 4 feats the same across classes when multiclassing (thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 10) ⚡ Sorcerers! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 8) 🎸 Bards! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 7) 🦸 Paladins! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 6) Monks: lvl 1-5, including subclasses
  • (Aug 5) New race: Half-Orcs
  • (Aug 4) New race: Dragonborn
  • (Aug 4) New general +2/+1 ability boost for all races
  • (Aug 2) Fixed: Level 4 ability score increases didn't update ability score table
  • (Aug 2) Multiclassing (basic)
  • (Aug 2) Build-defining items

Some of the many things to add:

  • (WIP) More Skill sources
  • (WIP) Some polish for Druids: some wild shape variant updates, some land-circle spell list improvements (an update which will also be give lead to more detailed info on Warlocks)
  • Support selecting the Origins
  • Update the Backgrounds
  • Improvements to multiclassing support
  • Spell selection
  • Better spell info
  • More intuitive class removal (until then: level down past 1 to remove)
  • (Countless other things)
  • Drink more coffee
  • At some point, I want to play the game too.

Thanks a lot to those of you who have pointed out my typos/etc and/or bought me coffee!

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